Tech Task #5 All About Identity


Guest speaker, George Couros delivered and engaged in an important discussion during my ECMP 355 class. George examined and discussed issues such as digital identity, hiring process, and collaboration. George mentioned 184 Days of Learning which is a blog that celebrates students in the Parkland school division. I enjoyed personal stories shared such as the story about a student who was featured on the 184 Days of Learning blog, Maddisyn, who was reading “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds. Maddisyn created a piece of artwork which corresponds to the book, then George shared the link on twitter and the actual author commented on her art piece! How amazing is it that technology creates so many opportunities and portals to communication around the world?!

Part of this tech task is going to Google and searching my own name. When I searched “Shandra Nelson” this is what appeared in the web feed:


What I liked about the search results, was that Google was able to show that I am connected to different social media and that I have a presence online. I made a modification to my Twitter name so this screen shot also shows my old and new twitter name. The reason I changed the name was to strive towards professionalism – not that Shannanigans was terrible, it is a nickname given to me by my mother. You can find me on Twitter at @ShandraNelson!

What I did not like about using Google to search my name was when I pulled up the Google Images section and I discovered only one picture of my actual self and one other photo that was linked to my blog, plus a whole bunch of photos of other women who share the same name as me and the photos are slightly inappropriate to say the least.

In the future, I would like to see my portfolio online. I am going to try to establish my portfolio online so that future employers can look at my online portfolio. During George’s talk he made an important point, when he goes through the hiring process he looks online to find out more about the person he is considering to hire and what can be found about a person online is important. It is important for educators who are applying for teaching positions to demonstrate positive learning experiences, new ideas, and collaboration.


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  1. I have to agree with you that the 184 days of learning is such a fantastic idea! I believe that if we try and shelter kids from the internet and getting them out there we get problems once they leave school. I think in order for us to have an informed society about this sort of subject it needs to start in schools, well before they graduate. That being said I still believe people who are out of school can become connected and more aware of what is happening in the digital world (staying connected and up to date is a lifetime commitment!!), it just makes more sense to me to have students engaged in these sort of practices while they can still have the guidance and support of a school staff!

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