Social Learning Review


My Contributions:

I have actually managed to write 3 or more blog postings a week! As I was looking back on my blog I surprised myself, I took on three classes in this semester and it was a lot of work. I had to constantly set reminders, set goals and remain on task for each class. It was a crazy semester and it went by so fast.

I can say in all honesty, the assignments and the live sessions have taught me a lot more than I thought I would take away from this class. This class has taught me the importance of integrating technology into education, how I can integrate technology into education, tips and tricks for various apps and resources, it has provided me with numerous teacher and student resources, and it has allowed me to gain some insight on issues and topics by connecting with educators in the field of education! I have learned how I can create a professional and personalized inclusive and highly diverse space for my future employer to explore. I have definitely become more aware of how I am represented online, I have really made an effort to identify myself more positively on the web. I mean not that I had any negative things on the web, I just found ways to put my name out there and become more known on social media as I explored and engaged in using social media on a frequent basis.

For my assignments and during my blogs I have used many resources such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTubeFive Card Flickr, FlickrD6106, WordPress, Google, Google Docs, RAPA, Regina National Aboriginal Day Celebrations Inc., Aboriginal Day Live, my iPhone, my laptop, Prezi, TED, 3M Science of Everyday Life, Government of Saskatchewan , New York Times Newspaper, and Wordle. I have used Twitter to tweet and ask questions of educators and other persons. I have used Facebook to gather information about groups and the community. I have used YouTube to share inspirational videos. I have used Five Card Flickr, Flickr and D6106 to complete an assignment and also to discover how I can utilize this resource with my class. I used WordPress to create my professional blog and to learn about other educators. I used Google and Google Docs for assignments, it was super neat to learn how to share files of resources with other people. I also used Google to search for organizations and celebrations within my local community. My iPhone and laptop were used to share pictures and to communicate with my peers and Dean on my blog and my postings. TED is an amazing resource full of lots of inspirational discussions and it allowed me to gain insight on other peoples’ perspectives and practices. 3MScience of Everyday Life is a resource I stumbled across for teaching science, which is one of the subjects I will be teaching in my internship in September. The Government of Saskatchewan and the New York Times Newspaper had data and articles I used to back up my opinions in a posting. I also used Wordle a few times to create a visualization of what I was learning throughout this course.

Throughout the class, I was fortunate enough to learn about available resources such as: InfuseLearning, TodaysMeet, Skype in the Classroom, Socrative, and Celly.  I am going to try using some of these resources during my internship and when I get my own classroom. I look forward to finding ways to connect with my students and make learning relevant to their lives!

I completed eight tech tasks:

1. All About Me

2. Part One: Create a Google Form Part Two: Explore Google Translate

3. Integrating Technology into the Classroom

4. Teaching in the 21st Century

5. All About Identity and Tweeting George Couros


6. Part One and Part Two

7.  What I Learned from Liz Kolb

8. Collaboration Benefits Everyone

Contribution to my Peers :

This was one of the parts that was difficult for me to keep up in, but when I did read over my peer’s blogs and make comments I discovered that a lot of us share the same passion for working with children, we have similar opinions and ideas, and we all went on a learning journey together to learn how to use technology in an educational manner.

Many of my peers discussed their experience with technology at the beginning and it was amazing to watch the growth occur throughout the semester. We went from not having blogs, creating blogs, learning how to link resources, learning how to utilize resources to enhance our blogs, learning from other educators and engaging in critical thinking which is reflected in our blog posts. Most of us feel more comfortable with using technology at the end of class compared to when we first started this course.

During this quick semester, I feel like I have gotten to know my peers by their blogs and posts, some people in this class I have never met before this class. It was a great way to make connections and build friendships. I have learned from Jenna that teachers and students can become overwhelmed, but we can build relationships with anyone (staff, students, parents, administrators, community members, etc.) who can be our support network and by working together, anything is possible. On Jayde’s blog I was reminded that technology isn’t available all over the world like we think it is. In some schools in other countries, students don’t have computers. Jayde also mentions risk factors and talks about what can be done from the teacher’s position such as identifying risk factors and working proactively with students in hopes of overcoming challenges they may face. I loved reading Swati’s blog, I found so many interesting posts. Swati constantly mentions student engagement and discusses the importance of engaging students in their learning. I have learned that there are many ways I can engage a learner and I was able to get some ideas from Swati about how I can engage my learners. I am so fortunate to have been a part of ECMP 355 and to meet all you wonderful people. Thank you for helping to make this such an enjoyable, relevant, meaningful class and for sharing your resources and advice! I look forward to working with you in the future I hope we can exchange resources and collaborate with each other!

Here are some of the blogs I have commented on for the duration of this class:

May 7-12:

Jenna Kulyk“Assessment, Evaluation and Standardized Testing”

Swati “Tech Task #2 Google Drive”

Responding to comments on my blog – “New Approaches versus Comfort”

May 13-19:

Jenna Kulyk“What Do Others Think About Teachers?”

Jocelyn Thomas“Howdy Everyone”

Responding to comments on my blog – “New Approaches versus Comfort”

May 20 – 26:

Jayde McFee“Internship”

Responding to comments on my blog – “A Teacher’s Role”

May 27 – June 2:

Jenna Kulyk“4th Year Excitement”

Swati“Digital Storytelling – Student Perspective”

Jayde McFee“For the Bullied and the Beautiful”

Responding to comments on my blog – “Inspirational Video”

June 3-9:

Shane Markham – “Internship”

Swati“Engage Me”

Brittney Evans“Food for Thought”

Nidhi – “Patience in the Classroom”

Becca Froese – “Just a Thought…”

Becca Froese – “Angel Hair”

Nicole Helland“Through the Eyes of a Teacher”

Responding to comments on my blog – “Exploring Wordle”

June 10 – 16:

Brittney Evans “Maybe dats your pwoblem too.. By James W. Hall”

Marley Riddell“Classroom Cooking”

Allison McQueen “Revamped and Revised Treaty Education Lesson Plan”

Bretten Young“Would you put your life in danger to protect your students?”

Crystal Vail“When Students as Questions”

Responding to comments on my blog – “Food and Education”

Responding to comments on my blog – “How Critical is Feedback in Education?”

June 17 – June 23:

Mariette Anderson“Kathy Cassidy Educator Profile (Interview)”

Swati “Reasons to “Why I Love Being a Teacher?”

Haleigh Oberkirsch “Thoughts on Homework”

Maria Sinclair “Get Up & Move!!”

To all of the guest speakers and professionals who shared advice, knowledge, resources, their time, projects they are working on and apps I really appreciate the ideas and suggestions you have provided me with. I especially appreciate you Dean, thank you for being so patient with us and finding inspirational people to talk with us and inform us of all the wonderful things going on in education. Good luck/Bonne chance to everyone in their future endeavours and especially to those entering internship in the fall!


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